Great Halloween Costume Ideas

Are you simply tired of wearing the same old boring costume every Halloween? Are you planning to wear something that will make you stand out from the other party-goers or trick-or-treaters? Then simply give these Halloween costume ideas a try.

If you are looking to achieve a one-of-a-kind look for Halloween, then you should avoid conventional costumes like vampires, Frankenstein, ghosts, witches or mummies. These costumes are readily available in local and online costume stores and even in the local departmental stores as well. If you do not want to run into someone at the party dressed in the same outfit as you, then avoid going as a popular television character or Hollywood star. However, if you bear a strong physical resemblance with a well known character or television personality, you can use it to your advantage. For instance, if you bear a strong resemblance with the famous Hogwarts student, Harry Potter, you can purchase a pair of thick rimmed glasses, wear a toga and have a lighting scar drawn on your forehead. Though, there may be other people at the event who are wearing the same costume as you, but you will definitely standout because of how unique and similar you are to the character.

If you aim is to get a lot of attention, one of the Halloween costume ideas that never fails is to attend the party as an object. Most people will come dressed as a popular pop icon, soap star, Hollywood actor/actress like Halle Berry, Jenifer Lopez, Pussycat Dolls. Few people go as objects. You can consider going as Optimus Prime, Lego, Ms Pacman, or Playing Card. If you are a real techie, you can consider going as your favorite website –i.e. facebook page – a computer or iPad.

Another great way to standout on Halloween is to attend the party with a group of friends dressed as well known celebrities such as American Idol Judges, Ghostbusters, Village People, Destiny’s Child, or The Supremes.

If you are searching for more great Halloween costume ideas, a really great place to conduct your search is online. If you are very good with turning fabric into fashionable clothes, then you can create your very own Halloween costume that is guaranteed to turn heads. Creating your own costume will require skill and time. You may have the skill, but not the time to execute and finish your costume design project. And you may have the time, but may only do a great job of pricking yourself with the sewing needle. If making the costume yourself will be a real chore, then simply shop for cool Halloween costumes online and jazz it up with accessories to make you stand out from the crowd.